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This was our first trip out of 2004 and it rained!. We left Maldon Boatyard approx 1 hr before HW and a leisurely paddle upstream to Beeleigh weir, this is where the tidal River Blackwater meets with the Canal. ( it is possible to continue for another 13 miles along the canal to Chelmsford, note, a license is required from the Navigation company based at Paper Mill lock in advance for the canal part ). Once past Fullbridge the river becomes more wild and picturesque. The round trip is approx 2 hours.

    Launch from Maldon Boatyard

    Upstream looking towards Fullbridge


    Fullbridge, passing the Mills. Coasters still deliver regularly here

    A Thames Barge in a floating dry dock at Fullbridge

    Further upstream the river becomes more picturesque

        Beeleigh Weir at high tide

        Dave, Pam and Colin at Beeleigh