Old Leigh 130604


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This was a very relaxing paddle from Two Tree island slipway, along the Ray channel then towards Old Leigh itself. The trip was planned to leave Two Tree island 1 hour after low water, push the tide out towards Southend pier then back along the exposed channel to Old Leigh. It is possible to cut the corner by hauling the kayak across  the mud flats as was demonstrated by Ken, we just thought he was lazy and wanted to get to the Peter Boat for a pint !! The return trip to Two Tree slipway was an easy paddle as the tide by now was near HW allowing a direct paddle in calm conditions.

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Two tree slipway near LW Old Leigh approach channel looking back towards Southend
Old Leigh approach channel looking towards Old Leigh Lovely Thames mud...
Old Leigh / Peter boat pub  
Ashore for a quick drink Don't frighten the natives Ken
Old Leigh creek, near the cockle sheds Cheers.....
Dave Ken
Seal launch, followed by a broken paddle!. Now I know why I carry a spare Leigh on sea / Chalkwell
Perfect end to a good trip